Monday, November 17, 2008

Facts about Houston's Housing Market

Do you have clients who aren’t sure if this is the time to sell or buy a home? Send them the link to this site and let them see the Real Facts about Houston’s housing market. It’s not the same as what they are hearing from the 6:00pm News!

Are you feeling down about the market? Take some time to review the info on this site and see if it doesn’t help give you a little different perspective on our market.

Houston Real Estate Market is Not suffering

"There's no such thing as a national real estate market," says Mike Inselmann, president of Metrostudy, a Houston-based real estate research company. His point is that Houston is not suffering the way the rest of the U.S. is, except in the category of fear.

Inselmann told a large crowd of real estate agents and builders Tuesday morning that Houston's economy is strong. He cited statistics that Houston is the top job producing city in the United States. Jobs are increasing at a rate of 55,700 annually.

Martha Turner Properties hosted the breakfast meeting Tuesday. Turner, who has been serving the Houston real estate for 30 years, says that fear hurts the market when would-be sellers avoid putting their homes up for sale. She believes home sellers do not have to sell their homes for less. They just must be willing to allow more time to find a buyer.