Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the Market for a Little Blue Box?

TIFFANY & COMPANY is coming to The Woodlands!!!!

Being built-out in the previous spot held by Z-Gallery in Market Street, we are going to have an alternative location to lay down some heavy-duty cash. Anybody know how much one of their little boxes is? Probably can't afford what goes in it but maybe I can just buy one of the pretty little blue boxes with it's tidy little bow. I could set it on the counter and each time I looked at it, I could imagine something special inside. Of course I would never open it....why spoil the fun. As long as it stayed closed, I could imagine it held a perfect, precisely cut diamond rind, or perhaps a stunning tennis bracelet. Maybe it could hold a gorgeous necklace absolutely dripping in diamonds. Heck....why not all 3 while I'm at it?!?!?!

HAPPY SHOPPING! Let me know what you got.

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